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Static lines (sometimes called life lines) can be generally of horizontal or vertical configuration. Static lines utilize stainless steel intermediate and end anchor points connected by pre-tensioned stainless steel cable to provide uninterrupted fall protection to roofs and structures.

Static lines behave in a different way than anchor points and require therefore sound understanding of physics related to the subject. Static lines installed in a wrong way or into inadequate structure can pose more hazard than fall protection. Consequently, only experienced personnel skilled in rigging must be engaged in installation and certification of static lines!

At Safe Point Solutions we use only static line parts and components designed and made in Australia by SRA (Safety Roof Anchors), fittings made in Denmark and stainless steel rope from Korea. Combination of the above plus our experience and obsession with quality guarantees you the best value for money you can possibly get on Australian market.

Please contact us for a free quote for installation and certification of static lines in Sydney and surrounds.