Safe Point Solutions


At SPS we have got 10 years of experience with design, engineering, installation and certification of all types of rope access and fall arrest anchor points. We are experts in providing access solutions to all difficult access sites and take pride in all anchor point jobs small or large! As a result we always deliver quality fall protection systems for all types of buildings and structures.

We are proud to be using only Australian made anchor points manufactured by SRA (Safety Roof Anchors) and chemicals and fixings by Hilti. This is why we can offer you a solid guarantee of 10 years on all parts and materials every time!

It is our view that a good anchor point system isn’t an expense. It is an investment which will pay for itself many times during the life of the building as most of the building maintenance works these days are being done via rope access.

Correctly laid out anchor points should allow access to all elevations of the building cutting out the need for scaffolding, swing stages or other machinery to complete even substantial building works. The return on investment therefore comes with the first building maintenance project your building needs where you would in the past use scaffolding.

We can install rope access and fall arrest anchor points into the following structures:

  • concrete
  • steel beams
  • double brick walls
  • trusses, rafters and other timber members
  • metal roofs with steel or timber structure
  • tiled roofs
  • steel purlins

All anchor points that we install can be used for both rope access and fall arrest. No excuses ever!