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We provide height safety installation of most types of fall protection systems such as rope access and fall arrest anchor points, horizontal and vertical life lines, guard rails, platforms and caged ladders to name a few.

Height Safety Installations Sydney
Height Safety Installations Sydney

We are however much more than just installers! Since 2011 we have been designing and manufacturing anchor points and static lines and you can view our whole range here

 SPS then takes care of the installation and certification. Due to our all round involvement we know our industry well and can help you, our clients to get the desired outcomes fast and for a fair price.

Get in touch with us today for a free quote for any type of height safety installation!

Height safety installation services we offer

Anchor points

At SPS we have got 10 years of experience with design, engineering, installation and certification of all types of rope access and fall arrest anchor points.

Access hatches

Access via internal access hatches has many advantages over access via external ladder.

Ladder brackets

We offer installation of ladder brackets to parapet walls, roofs, awnings and other structures commonly accessed via portable extension ladders.

Guard Rails

Guard rails offer passive fall protection which is considered superior to anchor points and static lines as it doesn't require training.

Inertia reels

Safetek offers installation and certification of inertia reels for factories, bus depots, truck wash bays, warehouses etc.


We can install fully compliant permanent ladders of all shapes and sizes to suit your access requirements.

Static lines / Life lines

Static lines utilize stainless steel intermediate and end anchor points connected by pre-tensioned stainless steel cable to provide uninterrupted fall protection to roofs and structures.


Platforms are designed to suit various uses and structures. They are most often installed to provide fall protection for personnel working at height or to simply offer protection to the delicate metal roof profiles which are not meant to be trafficable.

Rail Systems

Rail systems offer uninterrupted fall protection similar to static lines.

Site Compliance Audits

Rail systems offer uninterrupted fall protection similar to static lines.